Course Title: Energy Materials for the Current Century
Course Code: MSE 4176 & 6176
Course Aim: Introduction to photovoltaics (basic principle, necessity and its impact on the society); Physical properties of photovoltaic materials (light absorption and charge transport properties); Potential materials (inorganic compound semiconductors and organic molecular materials); Device fabrication (thin film deposition and morphology of various thin films); Exciton creation, diffusion and energy conversion Parameters that influence the device performance; Device implementation and flexible devices; Electrochemical devices and materials, e.g. dye sensitised solar cells etc.

Course Title: Structure and Deformation of Materials
Course Code: MSE 5303
Course Aim: To provide students with a general knowledge of the structure of materials which is the essential foundation for the understanding of other courses in this programme.
To provide students with an understanding of the behaviour of materials under stress or subject to environmental attack.
Course Title: Composite Materials – with An Introduction to Nanocomposites
Course Code: MSE 4118
Course Aim: Composite materials are obtained by combining two or more materials together, with one of the materials being in the continuous form. By the correct choice of materials components, and the control of the phases, synergistic effects of material components enhancing mechanical and other properties can be obtained. Therefore particularly carbon fibre reinforced composite materials have found many industrial applications. This course aims to introduction of some basic techniques for the analysis of composite materials and to discover new composite materials with novel properties. In addition, an introduction to the potential applications of nanocomposites will also be given. 

Course Title: Polymer & Composite Materials
Course Code: MSE 6182&8182
Course Aim: This course aims to develop basic research skills and introduce recent research developments in polymer science and engineering. This course covers basic knowledge on molecular structure of polymers, physical & chemical properties of polymers and their composites, micromechanic theories of polymer composites, as well as polymer composites with various functions.